New Ignis X-Suit Free Giveaway BGMI

How to Get Ignis X-Suit, Sacred Flame Tokens

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) latest update brings the heat with the Arabian Nights themed X-Suit Event. Dive into classic mode matches and unlock exclusive rewards like the Ignis X-Suit, a scorching new Mythic Outfit!

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Here’s what awaits you in the X-Suit Event:

  • Fiery Rewards: Earn the Ignis X-Suit, weapon skins, character customizations, and more!
  • Sacred Flame Tokens: Collect these tokens to redeem exclusive items in the event store.
  • Scorching Blessing AMR Skin: Upgrade your firepower with this one-of-a-kind weapon skin.

How to Earn Rewards:

  • X-Suit Draws: Participate in the X-Suit Draws for a chance to win the Ignis X-Suit and other rewards.
  • Sacred Flame Tokens: Redeem these tokens for character costumes, weapon skins, and more in the event store.

Event Store Highlights:

Some of the amazing items you can redeem with Sacred Flame Tokens include:

  • Ignis X-Suit (Level 1): 1000 Sacred Flame Tokens
  • Scorching Blessing AMR Skin (Level 1): 500 Sacred Flame Tokens
  • Domino Wings Glider, Flaming Roar Emote, Blazing Soul (Costs vary)
  • Weapon & Scope Skins (Costs vary)
  • Character Sets & Pan Skin (Unique character sets and a fiery pan skin)

Guaranteed Rewards:

The X-Suit Event offers guaranteed rewards based on the number of draws you complete. Earn materials, modification pieces, and even a Starforge Stone!

Event Duration:

The X-Suit Event started on April 5th and runs until June 1st, so don’t miss out!

Ready to unlock the flames of victory? Jump into BGMI and experience the X-Suit Event today!

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